Our Services


For us, localization is all about creating a strong link from players around the world to your game. Localize your games with us and they will increase their international reach, help you grow and diversify your user community, lead your company to the godly pantheon of stupendous gaming creators and make you and your team swim on rivers of gold and delight.

Still wondering why to localize?

Think about the uniqueness of languages in terms of expressions. Think about the variation of word lengths. Our localization process is aware of this. We focus on translating text and cultural references in such a way that the overall feel of the game remains as intended, but appropriate for each locale.

Want to avoid that all your base are belong to us feeling? Localize your game with us.


Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Project management for localization;
  • User Interface localization;
  • Game Script translation;
  • User Manual localization;
  • Game Marketing and Website localization;
  • Quality Assurance and Testing.


For now, our not too wide but wild gaming localization services:


English to Brazilian Portuguese Game Localization